Are you an all or nothing person?  I am.  I confess.  If I can't do it perfect I am very likely to not do it at all.  I think I've been like this my whole life.  I can't tell you how many times I quit something because I couldn't get it perfect. 

This is true in my eating habits.  If I am not keeping track of calories then I just eat uncontrollably.  I've been doing this lately.  I have only been watching what I eat as it goes in my mouth.  I could careless.  I'll eat those 4 slices of pizza if I want to, thank you very much.  This is why I weighed myself yesterday and I was back to the weight I was after having Eli, before losing 30 pounds.  What ran through my head after weighing myself?  "Screw it!  Why do I even try?"  Yep, sad but true.

I do the "all or nothing" when it comes to homemaking too.  If I can't have the house spotless why clean it at all?  I go through these "people don't visit to see the house" phases.  Do they?  Not really but who wants to go to a house that nasty and try to relax there?  My job is to make our home a place of rest and welcoming, not perfection.  If someone feels like they'll get yelled at for messing with my schedule there's an issue.  I recently posted a schedule I'd like to do.  I don't want this to become an all or nothing thing.  I just have to remember it's not going to happen perfectly.  There will be days when nothing gets done except feeding the kids and keeping them alive.  This is where you come in.  I'd like to ask for your prayers in this area.  The following is my mission statement.  Please pray for me to keep this mission in my mind and not perfectionism. 

My mission statement (rough draft):

To grow in my relationship with God through Jesus by pursuing and learning about Him.  To remember and let God's love, mercy, and grace pour over me so I can trust Him fully.  To support Scott in his decisions, respect him, and love him.  To teach our children that no one is perfect and our only hope is Jesus.  To grow and support the gifts that God has given our children and to love them unconditionally.  To be a faithful friend.  To be someone that will help and serve with a joyful spirit no matter how much of an inconvenience I feel it maybe to me.  To point everyone to Jesus and the cross in my actions and words.  To make healthy and wise decisions for my physical, mental, and spiritual being.


Do you have a mission statement?  Please share it with me!  If you're intersted in creating a mission statement but don't know where to start check out


Love to you all and goodnight!



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