Our $100 a Week Natural Food Challenge!

We're taking on a new challenge!  After talking with a few friends that thought eating mostly organic, natural, real, nourishing foods would be really expensive Scott and I came up with an idea.  We're going to eat a nourishing natural food diet on $100.00 a week for 10 weeks.  The rules are as follows:

*No processed foods.  If the ingredient list has anything that doesn't come natural we won't eat it.

*We'll get the "dirty dozen" in organic produce for sure and we'll try to buy in season/local when possible.  No genetically modified stuff!

*Grass-fed meats and local when possible.

*Only eating out only once every 2 weeks and no fast food.

*I'll get $200 for groceries every 2 weeks.  That's all I can spend!

There will be an exception when we visit our family in Missouri.  The reason is we usually don't have the control of the food there and I don't want to put another restriction on them.  My parents are already so accommodating to gluten free!

What's going to be the hardest part?  For Scott it will be soda I'm sure.  We won't be buying it.  He can get it at work so I think he's decided to cut way back.  If he drinks 2 or 3 a day that's way back for him!  I drink soda fairly often as well so we'll see how hard it is for me.

We're going to prove this can be done!


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