Week 1 & 2 of the Natural Food Challenge Shopping

So far, so good.  Everything is organic or at least has ingredients we can find in nature.  It was so hard to find Sour Cream that didn't have a list of 5+ ingredients!  We finally found one that was milk and cream.  🙂

From Meijer we got the following for $65.35:

cream ($1.85), 2 cans of organic pasta sauce ($2.16 each), organic celery ($2.69), Hebrew National Franks ($3.98), organic apples ($3.99), organic potatoes ($3.99), organic salted butter ($4.99), 2 pounds of natural boneless skinless chicken breast ($5.00), 5lb bag of organic whole wheat flour ($5.99), 10 pound (if I remember correctly) natural ham on the bone ($13.47), organic canned tomatoes ($1.79), organic coconut milk ($2.49), Parmesan cheese ($2.99 – we couldn't find an organic or natural brand but we got the one with ingredients that we can pronounce and know are in nature), 2 bags of sweet sorghum flour ($2.04).

Next I went to our local ethnic store for a few items to total $16.67:

Peanuts ($1.11-use for peanut butter), dried kidney beans ($3.98), dried pinto beans ($1.98), masa for tortillas ($3.99), dried black beans ($1.34), 2 onions ($0.88), 6.72 pounds of bananas ($1.63).

Last we got our order from Greenbean delivery which was $99.05 with the following:

4 pounds grass-fed ground beef ($21.40), 1/2 gallon organic chocolate milk ($4.95), 2 gallons of grass-fed whole milk ($17.00), 2 dozen pasture-raised eggs ($7.70), 2 6oz. bags of organic mild cheddar cheese ($8.50), 2 6oz. bags of organic mozzarella cheese ($8.50), 4 packages of organic taco seasoning ($6.00), organic produce basket that included 3lbs. russet potatoes, green beans, apples, tangelos, zucchini, strawberries, tomatoes, and lettuce.

That makes the total $181.07.  I didn't factor in what seasonings I already own and a whole chicken that was in our freezer I'll be cooking which would have been around $6.00.  So, I still have enough to get more eggs and milk if needed later next week even if you count those.  I'm also going to be keeping $5 aside to buy paper items.  I'm thinking this is very doable!  Tomorrow I'll post all of the meals I plan to make with these items.  Right now it's bed time.  Good night all and may God bless you abundantly!


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