Monday Meal Planning 5/16/2011

Okay.  I know, I know.  I titled this Monday Meal Planning and it's technically Tuesday.  Sorry, I'm not perfect.  I never got around to posting yesterday.  My poor boys have been sick with what I believe is a cold since Sunday.  No, fun.  We thought they were doing better last night but alas today their fever was back. 

I do have some exciting news to share, however.  Scott and I found out we need to pay off/down a few things from the loan officer so we can get a good house loan rate.  We were praying about one of us getting a part time job.  Unfortunately there was no way we could do it soon (like as in the next year) without another job.  Well, as a praise report I got a transcription job!  I'm able to stay home with the kids, work during nap times and/or bedtimes, and make enough within a few months.  I have worked 4 days and made roughly $300.00 toward our goal!  We'll get the loan officer's suggestions and our other debts knocked out in no time!

And another exciting thing……..Eli has an appointment with the orthopedist at Shriners Hospital next Thursday!  It is such a blessing to be chosen by them for help with his legs.  For those who don't know Eli is very in-toed.  He's had it since he was a He seems to be getting worse as he gets older and it was supposed to get better the older he got.  Okay, now with no further interruptions here's this weeks menu:

Tuesday – Pizza

Wednesday – Chicken tacos 

Thursday – Pepper Lime Chicken in the crockpot, mashed potatoes, veggie

Friday – Chicken & Veggie soup

Saturday – Bacon, eggs, biscuits

Sunday – Lemon Garlic Chicken Legs (I got natural/free range chicken legs for under $1/lb!), rice, veggie

Monday – Chili

Tuesday – Fried chicken & Salad

The boys and I will be gone Wednesday to Monday for Eli's doctor appointment.


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