Monday Meal Plan 6/11/2011

Here's our meal plan for this week.  Yes, it's a day late but anyone that knows me knows I'm almost never on time.  It's a bad habit I intend to break someday.  🙂

We went to the farmer's market at Trader's Point Creamery over the weekend and picked up a few things and we got our Green Bean Delivery order for the next two weeks.  I shouldn't have to go to the store again for 2 weeks with the exception to running out of eggs or if I go get some Ezekial bread, which is tempting.  This is a lower carb meal plan to follow The Belly Fat Cure.  The goal is to get no more than 120 grams of carbs (It's done by servings, can have 6 servings) and 15 grams of sugar a day (1 g is 1 serving).  On the menu S stands for Sugar, C for Carbs showing how many servings that meal is.  If I have breakfast it'll be eggs.  I usually don't eat until later so it'll just be coffee in the mornings.




Lunch: Salad & Chicken

Dinner: City Group


Lunch: Chicken & Salad

Dinner: Beef & Zucchini Kabobs with Baked Potatoes


Lunch: Quesadilla

Dinner: Mushroom & Onion Burgers (no bun for me) with Fries


Lunch: Salad & Chicken

Dinner: Beans & Fried Potatoes


Brunch: Eggs, Bacon, & Toast

Dinner: Crockpot Chicken & Rice


Lunch: Tacos

Dinner: Leftovers


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