Our Container Garden

We are also growing our own veggies on our porch!  I'm sure once they produce it'll help us bring our weekly bill down below the $100.00 or at least then we can buy extra meat to save up!  Have a look…

2011-06-19 17.05.26

These are our four cucumber plants.  I wasn't trying for four of them.  When they were just wee baby plants the wind from a storm knocked all our starters off the window.  I replanted the ones that lived, which I thought were tomatoes, and planted new starters for the others.  Come to find out they weren't tomatoes and therefore we now have extra cucumbers.  There's always next year for tomatoes.  🙂

2011-06-19 17.05.34

Two green pepper plants.  I really hope they grow up soon.  They look rather small.

2011-06-19 17.05.46

And lastly our very sad looking lettuce.  I'm not sure this is going to make it.  I think it's the soil I used.  It was a cheap brand of organic soil.  Next time I'll pay the extra $2.00 for the better stuff!


On another note, I thought about making a grocery list to post along with our weekly menu plans.  Would you find that helpful?  If so I'll do it, just please leave a comment or email me so I know.



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