Meal Plan Monday 6/27/2011

Our 7th anniversary is July 6th!

I don't know if you caught that but our anniversary is this week.  :)  I've been so blessed to be married to such an amazing husband, father, and Jesus chaser.  I can't wait to spend many more years with him!

We tried a few new recipes last week and they were yummy!  One was a new pizza dough instead of the planned meal on Friday.  It was so good!  You can find that recipe for here.  Scott (yes, he cooks and excellently I might add!  I told you I was blessed.) didn't use dry milk because we don't use it.  It's because of the way it's processed, which causes oxidized cholesterol.  "Oxidized cholesterol is used in research to cause atherosclerosis.  So when you drink skim milk or low fat milk because you think that it will help you avoid heart disease, you are actually drinking this oxidized cholesterol which initiates the process of heart disease." (taken from DIRTY SECRETS OF THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRYI'll pass on that, thanks.  Anyhow, Scott used 1 cup of water and 1/4 cup of real milk.  It turned out beautifully.  We also don't use vegetable oil because of the process by which it's created.  There's some explanations of the process on the link for the milk information as well for oils.  Anyhow, he used olive oil but I think we'll try real butter next time with a bit of garlic added in for extra flavor.

We also tried the 5 Minute Marinara from the cooking class at Trader's Point.  I'll type that up and post it as soon as I get a chance because it was delish!  And I also got permission from Jen, the instructor to do so.  :)  You're welcome to visit her website in the meantime, http://lovewellnessindy.comIn other exciting food news, we have an itty bitty cucumber growing in our container garden!

2011-06-27 10.08.18

Okay, onto the main event, the menu for the week.  The prices are for our family of 4, unless otherwise noted.  I didn't include prices of spices because they can be stretched such a long way that it's very minimal.  We have only spent $160 for this week and next week so far, which includes things for breakfast and lunch and eating out yesterday for lunch.

Monday: Brats, veggies/butter in foil packets, salad, $7.89

Tuesday: City Group

Wednesday: Tacos, we're having the Daniels over for dinner, $9.89 for 6 people

Thursday: New Recipe!  Chicken Piccata with Mushrooms and Rice Pasta $7.82

Friday: Chili Dogs (can I just say I really like Hebrew National hot dogs?) $7.23

Saturday: Out.  We'll be on the road because we're taking the boys to my parents for a few days!

Sunday: BBQ & Pool Party with Redemption Hill peps.


Check out Organized Junkie for more menu plans.




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