Monday Meal Plan, Back to $100.00 a Week



So, it's back to the $100.00 a week challenge.  We will be buying some slurge items every once in a while but my goal is to make it possible to eat under $100.00 a week.  I'm going to try and break it up for you all a little better this time as well at the end.

Monday – Grilled steaks, mashed potatoes, carrots

Tuesday – Cooking for City Group – GF pasta with sausage, salad

Wednesday – Hamburgers, veggie

Thursday – Chicken tacos

Friday – Chicken tenders, salad

Saturady – Chicken noodle soup

Sunday – Sloppy lentils


We buy our produce in one bulk CSA.  I'm not including spices or honey because they are staples at our house.

$24.00 (CSA veggies/fruits)

+ $8.00 Monday for steaks.

+ $9.50 Tuesday for gluten free pasta and tomatoes. Sausage was given to us free!

+ $8.99 Wednesday for burger and gluten free buns.

+ $16.21 Thursday for whole chicken, cheese, and masa.

+ $4.95 Friday for chicken tenders.

+ $3.00 Saturday for gluten free pasta. Chicken and stock is from Thursday.

+ $3.65 Sunday for lentils and tomato products, use left over cheese from Thursday.

= $78.30 for 7 dinners made with organic pasturized real food! 

We use left overs for lunches.  We also buy eggs for $4.00, 1 gallon of raw milk for $9.00.  I'll also buy a loaf of Udi's bread ($4.99) and peanut butter ($3.00) for lunches during the week.  I also bought a pack of lamb bacon to try which was $10.85.  A splurg for sure but we're excited to try it!

So the total was $110.14.  Without the splurg of the lamb bacon it would have been $99.29.  See, you can do this!




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