Monday Menu Plan 10/24/2011

It’s another week of gluten free traditional food meals! Here’s the breakdown for the week.

Monday- Tacos. Local grassfed ground beef $5.00, Organic Valley cheddar cheese $3.95(me may use half a bag), Organic Valley sour cream $3.25, masa from last week and produce from CSA. Total price is $12.20

Tuesday- leftovers from last week

Wednesday- Crockpot chicken salad. Local paturized whole chicken $13.21, produce from CSA.

Thursday- Beef tips with mushrooms and mashed potatoes. Local grassfed beef roast $10.00, produce from CSA.

Friday- Golosh and salad. Local grassfed ground beef $5.00, brown rice pasta $3.25, Local Folks canned tomatoes $3.35, produce from CSA. Total $11.60.

Saturday- Chicken, rice,and cheese dish (thanks for the idea, Marri!). Leftover chicken from Wednesday, leftover cheese from Monday, brown rice $1.00.

Sunday- Out. We will be with the church all day.

Total price for 6 local, natural meals (plus leftovers) is $69.01 including the $21.00 for the CSA. We also got 1.5 gallons of local raw milk $13.50, local pasture raised eggs $4.00, Udi’s gf bread $4.99, whole wheat honey bread (for Scott and Joe) $2.99. We’ll use leftovers and peanut butter for lunches.

The total for this week is $93.49.

For more meal ideas check out Organized Junkie for more ideas.


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