Menu Plan Monday 10/31/2011

Have you ever made 125 caramel apples?  I did this weekend!  Okay, well it was about 75 caramel, 35 chocolate, and 10 plain but still.  I would like to say it was fun but I would be lying.  I was one stressed out, crabby mama.  Now let's take a moment to sympathize with Scott and the boys, they really do deserve it.

  We also did a few other things this past week.  We went to see one of my favorite bands,Gungor, play in concert.  If you don't know who they are you probably are not on my Facebook!  Go Google Gungor and Beautiful Things.  You will love them too.  :)  The concert was a great long time needed date night with Scott.  Thank you again to David and Shelby for babysitting.

Now, on to this coming weeks meals.  I'm going to start adding our breakfast and lunches as well as dinners to the list.  I'm always looking for meal ideas (especially lunches) so please comment if you have any!  Onto the main attraction.  I put the prices for these meals next to them.  Many of them I already have the stuff on hand to make from the past few weeks but still included prices.



 Breakfast: Pancakes ($1.26)

  Lunch: Grilled Chicken and Glazed Carrots ($4.95)

Dinner:  Cheesy Chicken & Rice Casserole ($9.65)

Total for the Day: $15.86



Breakfast: Raisin Bread ($4.55 will have leftovers)

Lunch: Omelets ($3.00, cheese leftover from Monday)

Dinner: Beef and Potato Soup, Biscuits with Butter ($11.58)

Total for the Day: $19.13



Breakfast: Green Smoothies ($0.00 have everything already in prices)

Lunch: PB&J, Apples ($1.66)

Dinner: Crockpot Chicken and Veggies ($13.71)

Total for the Day: $15.37



Breakfast: Raisin Bread from Tuesday

Lunch: Leftovers from Monday

Dinner:     Strip Steak, Veggies ($10.00)

Total for the Day: $10.00



Breakfast: Pancakes ($1.26)

Lunch: Leftovers from Tuesday

Dinner: Chicken Crepes ($1.39, use leftover chicken from Wednesday)

Total for the Day: $2.65



Brunch: GF Biscuits, Gravy, and Beef Bacon ($6.90)

Dinner: Pizza Casserole ($6.00)

Total for the Day: $12.90



Breakfast: Smoothies

Lunner (Lunch/Dinner): Crockpot Lasagna, Salad, and hopefully GF Garlic Bread so if you have a good recipe please let me know! ($15.20)

Total for the week is $121.11 with a gallon of milk and CSA.  We'll be buying more milk than that this week and buying other items in bulk but this shows you how much this menu would cost approximately.  Also note I didn't use much ground beef, which is the cheapest beef.  I ran out so I am using what meats we have in the freezer.  I won't be putting exact prices next week because it's time consuming and I don't know if  it's been helpful to you.  If you found it helpful please let me know.  You maybe able to change my mind.  :-)  Have a safe Halloween!

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