Tasty Tuesday 4/17/12

Holy cannoli!!  I really thought that staying under $150.00 ($75.00) biweekly for real (mostly) organic groceries would be easy.  We ate really well on $100.00 a week when we lived in Indianapolis.  I mean honestly how could moving five hours west make the prices more expensive?  Boy was I wrong!  This is going to be more of a challenge than I had originally anticipated, but here we go!  Hopefully you all won’t have to see me crash and burn.

This week I spent $54.86 at Trader Joe’s, $40.71 for our co-op box, and $70.00 in other various areas (farm for meat, health food store, etc.).  That puts me a little over at $165.57.  Here are the dinner meals I plan to make from these items:

Tuesday – Spaghetti with Italian style chicken breast and salad (I didn’t make it last night.)

Wednesday – Fried Rice

Thursday – Bean and Collard Greens soup

Friday – I will be gone. Soups and leftovers for Scott.

Saturday – I will be gone. Soups and leftovers for Scott.

Sunday – Sliced beef steak, mashed potatoes and green beans

Monday – Crockpot chicken (whole chicken with seasonings), honey glazed carrots, and broccoli

If you see something and you want to know how I make it just ask.  I am always happy to share recipes.  While we’re speaking of sharing what did your menu for this week look like?  If you have a blog please feel free to link it up in the comments section.  Need more ideas for your menu planning?  Check out the links on Organized Junkie.


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