Let’s be honest here.  Budgets are not lovely, but they are necessary for the average person.  Thanks to the help of an elder from our church we’re now chugging along.  We are trying to get an emergency fund back up (we ended up needing it and now it’s empty again!) and pay off debts so we can eventually buy a house or property.  After going through our entire budget from before we decided to cut some things out and add some others.  The following is our current monthly budget without our tithe amount included.  I feel that is something that is between us, God, and our church elders (because they need it for the church budget).  If you have questions about tithe feel free to ask and I will answer them best I can or find someone that can.

Household (includes rent and utilities): $785.00

Auto (includes car note, insurance, and gas): $670.00

Debts (includes credit cards and medical bills): $175.00

Groceries: $350.00

Entertainment/Out to Eat: $50.00

Health (includes vitamins, toiletries, and co-pays): $100.00

Mad Money: $100.00 ($50.00 each)

Emergency Fund: $50.00

Clothing: $50.00

Total: $2330.00 + Tithe

Anything income over our budgeted amount we will split 50/50.  Half will go to snowballing debts and the other half to our emergency fund.  Currently we have $1,478.84 worth of debt in medical bills, $2,147.42 worth of debt in credit cards, and owe $8,737.66 on our car.  That’s a total of $12,363.56.  It was close to $20,000 two years ago so at least we’re getting there.  Currently the goal is to have the medical and credit card debts completely paid off in two years minimum.  I am going to try to update here monthly.

How are you doing paying off debts?  Are you using any system?  Please link up your post in a comment if you’d like to share!


Tasty Tuesday Meal Plan 5/15/2012

Let me be honest here.  My family has been eating a ton of crap since moving back to Missouri.  I got out of the routine of making meal plans and preparing healthy food for us.  Now, I plan to get back into the routine!  Here’s the meal plans for this week:

  • Wednesday: Breakfast – Eggs; Lunch – Hebrew National hotdogs and fresh veggies; Dinner – Meatloaves and green beans.
  • Thursday:Breakfast – Smoothies; Lunch – Turkey salad with homemade honey mustard ; Dinner: Roasted chicken and broccoli.
  • Friday: Breakfast – Yogurt with fruit; Lunch – Chicken taco salad (use leftover chicken from Thursday night); Dinner – Chili
  • Saturday: Breakfast – Grain free waffles; Lunch – Chicken sausages and veggies; Dinner – leftovers
  • Sunday: Lot Family Day! We’ll be bringing hot wings this week.
  • Monday: Breakfast – Smoothies; Lunch – leftovers; Dinner – Chicken stir fry
  • Tuesday: Breakfast – Eggs; Lunch – Salad; Dinner – Chicken legs and whatever veggies are left. 🙂

I also have some baking I’d like to get done this week, which includes GF bread and oatmeal cookies. Check out Organized Junkie for more ideas.

Monday Madness

I woke this morning to our 3 year old, E, screaming at me, “I pooped in my pants!!!”  On a very positive note he is still in pull ups at night, but don’t get too excited about that yet.  I am changing him and he informs me, “I got poop on the floor.”  Oh, and not just any floor mind you this is the living room carpet floor that was changed before we moved in.  Beautiful.  While cleaning up crap, literally, I am telling myself, “You are so grateful that God gave you a healthy boy that can poop on the floor.”  Whew, done.  Thank you, God, for allowing the creation of baby wipes they made my job a little easier.  Time to make some coffee and get the breakfast going. 

I walk into the kitchen to find that E also must have been playing in the kitchen because there is a poop trail.  Upon further inspection he was playing in the water, which I assume he pulled over a chair to get from the kitchen sink.  The water was all over the kitchen floor, but am I just grateful this floor isn’t carpet too!!  It took me so long to clean up all the kitchen floor my adorable children are “dying” of thirst and hunger (why yes, I am being sarcastic).  They beg me to feed them and let them have some tea.  Of course, being the loving mother I am I give them an apple and cereal because cooking is completely out of the question at this point! 

The apple and cereal work out just fine, and then, ah, then the tea.  I take out the pitcher while walking on my nice clean, shiny floor (thank you, son) and pour three glasses of tea.  Yes, three.  After the morning I’m having I am thirsty too!  I sit down the 3/4 full two gallon tea pitcher on the counter, or so I think.  In reality I miss and the WHOLE REMAINING AMOUNT OF TEA goes all over the kitchen floor.  B-E-A-utiful.  My once clean floor is now sticky and brown.  I get it clean and now we have a clean floor once again.  And I am happy to say nothing else major has happened to our floors today (we won’t discuss the rest of the house).

With all that madness I can still say thank you, Lord, for allowing me to have raise these amazing young men for you!  Motherhood isn’t easy by no means, but who wants an easy life?  I know I don’t!  Sure maybe the first few weeks would be nice but then it would get super boring.  Life is about surprises.  Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are not so good. Just take a sigh of relief knowing that you’re not alone.  God is right there with you and I in all the mess to carry us through and love on us.  Now that IS beautiful!

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