Tasty Tuesday Meal Plan 5/15/2012

Let me be honest here.  My family has been eating a ton of crap since moving back to Missouri.  I got out of the routine of making meal plans and preparing healthy food for us.  Now, I plan to get back into the routine!  Here’s the meal plans for this week:

  • Wednesday: Breakfast – Eggs; Lunch – Hebrew National hotdogs and fresh veggies; Dinner – Meatloaves and green beans.
  • Thursday:Breakfast – Smoothies; Lunch – Turkey salad with homemade honey mustard ; Dinner: Roasted chicken and broccoli.
  • Friday: Breakfast – Yogurt with fruit; Lunch – Chicken taco salad (use leftover chicken from Thursday night); Dinner – Chili
  • Saturday: Breakfast – Grain free waffles; Lunch – Chicken sausages and veggies; Dinner – leftovers
  • Sunday: Lot Family Day! We’ll be bringing hot wings this week.
  • Monday: Breakfast – Smoothies; Lunch – leftovers; Dinner – Chicken stir fry
  • Tuesday: Breakfast – Eggs; Lunch – Salad; Dinner – Chicken legs and whatever veggies are left. 🙂

I also have some baking I’d like to get done this week, which includes GF bread and oatmeal cookies. Check out Organized Junkie for more ideas.


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