Monday Meal Plan 6/11/2012


Yes, I know it’s Tuesday.  I’m a day late posting this.  I wish I had some great reason as to why I didn’t post it yesterday, but I don’t.  I forgot.

I have been trying to eat gluten because I have a doctor appointment in early July.  I was hoping he could do the blood test for celiac (I have never been formally diagnosed), but I just don’t think I will make it.  I got a cold a few weeks ago and it took FOREVER to get rid of it.  I am also starting to feel the effects of eating it I had before going GF like constant bloating, emotional instability, and achy joints just to name a few.  I plan to call the doctor today to see if he can do the test sooner so I can go back to eating GF.  If he cannot I will probably just forget being diagnosed formally and listen to my body.

So far this week we have spent $40.70 on our Connie’s organic produce delivery and $27.00 (technically $26.00 and some change) at Trader Joe’s.

Now, onto this week’s meal plan!

Monday:  Out

Tuesday:  Chicken Stir-fry

Wednesday:  Chili (odd summer food, I know, but it was a special request by my hubs.)

Thursday:  Chicken Tacos

Friday:   Mrs. Leepers GF Lasagna (We bought this at Dierburgs to try.  It was on the sale it quick rack for $0.99.)

Saturday:  Ravioli

Sunday:  Sandwiches

I will be using this recipe for the ravioli, which includes tapioca starch.  Can I use corn starch in place of tapioca starch?


2 thoughts on “Monday Meal Plan 6/11/2012

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  1. I believe the starches are generally interchangeable. I do know that there are differences calorie-wise and maybe in some other ways as well (taste, texture) but I suspect that they all “act” the same way when cooked.

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