Meal Plan for 10-29-12

We had a great weekend!  We got to spend Saturday with the adorable Hampton kiddos!  Our kids always play so well together.  Then on Sunday we got to have 3/4’s of the Zimmerman family over for yummy pot roast!

Here’s our meal plan for this week:

Monday ~ Philly stuffed peppers and cheesy “noodles” (spaghetti squash. I am giving it another try after trying Shelby’s.)

Tuesday ~ Pizza soup

Wednesday ~ Stuffed chicken breast with broccoli Chili. I switched Tuesday and Friday around because we have friends coming to go trick or treating with us so I needed something easy that feeds a crowd!

Thursday ~ City group, we’re bringing GF eyeball cakeballs.

Friday ~ Chili Stuffed chicken breast with broccoli

Saturday ~ Leftovers

Sunday ~ Crockpot chicken and TBD veggies

I have some of these recipes on my Pinterest.  If there isn’t one for what you want to try I probably made it up.  If youleave a comment I will create a post on how I make it for you.

This post is also linked to Organized Junkie Monday Meal Plan. Check it out if you need some ideas!


2 thoughts on “Meal Plan for 10-29-12

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  1. I’m visiting from Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday today. Sounds like you had a terrific week.
    Looks like there’s going to be some amazing meals this week.
    Happy Halloween!

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