First Paleo Meal Plan

mealplanmonday_v2Well, 2012 is almost over.  We don’t typically do new years resolutions, but thought we’d join in this year.  We have been wanting to clean up our diet again, because we have slacked on it quite a bit this past year.  We have decided to do a paleo challenge with some friends, which starts tomorrow.  Our first challenge will be for six weeks, until my birthday.  Then, we’ll reevaluate to see what we’ll like to keep and what we’ll change.  So here, my friends, is our meal plan for this coming week.  There will be a few things off paleo in there for the kids, but Scott and I won’t be eating it.

Monday – Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and broccoli

Tuesday – Hamburgers with mushrooms and onions and oven fries

Wednesday – Chicken bacon “ranch” with veggie (haven’t decided which yet)

Thursday – Baked potatoes with Smoky Bacon Chili over the top

Friday – Deer steak, carrots, and bacon wrapped asparagus

Saturday – Creamy Chicken Casserole

Sunday – Leftovers

Breakfasts will be eggs or smoothies for me.  I am going to make Scott some egg muffins to have before work (dozen eggs, salt, pepper, and cooked sausage baked in muffin tin for 20 minutes at 350).  The boys will probably have whatever I have unless they request pancakes.  We’ll just wing it for them per the norm.  For lunches we’ll have tons of fresh veggies and sliced turkey or leftovers.  That won’t change much from the usual.

Do you have any primal/paleo eating tips?  If so let me hear them!


7 thoughts on “First Paleo Meal Plan

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  1. Following you from MPM! Looking forward to getting some new Paleo ideas! Wish I had a Paleo group *whaaaa* 😉 I’ll be posting a Paleo food photo journal this month to help keep me accountable tho! Good luck with your 6 week goal!

    1. Nice to meet you, Leah. I hope I can give you some good ideas. I am excited to see your photo journal. Having a group will be helpful I am sure. I am very grateful that our friends asked us to join them in this journey. You should ask around and see if anyone you know would be interested in joining you too.

      1. So I jumped on good ole Facebook and found a few friends interested in the W30 and we started a private FB group to check in with each other. All but one are worried they won’t be as committed as I plan on being. Nevertheless, it’s good to have more support… Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

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