Six Weeks of Goals

ImageGoals.  How are you at setting goals for yourself?  I will admit I kind of suck at it.  When I do make goals I set them so high they’re unattainable.  Oh, I think they’re perfect when I make them, but then reality sets in and they never get done.  Usually the reason I don’t hit the mark is because I set too many goals for myself to complete at one time and I don’t pray about them.  I rely on my own strength to make those goals.  Well, it’s time to do it differently.  As I stated in my last post I want to use this blog to become a better homemaker, wife, and mother.  With that being said I’m going to make one goal a week for the next 6 weeks starting on Mondays.

Week 1 starts on 7/29/2013:  Read my bible daily.  This is something I feel is very, very important, and yet I find it hard to achieve.

Week 2 starts on 8/5/2013:  Exercising 15 minutes 6 times a week.

Week 3 starts on 8/12/2013:  Organize our home school area and schedule.

Week 4 starts on 8/19/2013:  Finish a quilt.

Week 5 starts on 8/26/2013:  Start a scripture memory plan with the boys.

Week 6 starts on 9/2/2013:  Decorate the kitchen.

Will you join me for these next six weeks in completing goals? Write a blog post with your goals and leave a comment here with the link so I can come along and encourage you too!


Falling Off the Blogging Wagon

Well, I fell off the blogging wagon a few months ago.  It happened slowly.  For a while there I was hanging on with one hand running beside it by posting meal plans and then ker-plunk!  To ground I went.

Well, I’m ready to climb back on and try again now.  It’s time to get back to what this blog was originally planned to be.  Now, come join me in the adventures of my life as an obsolete homemaker who loves Christ.  My goal is that I’ll discover how to be a better help mate to my husband, parent to our children, and how to eat natural real foods on a budget while seeking Yahweh through it all.

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