Do I believe I’m worthy of success in my business?  In my family life?  In my marriage?  In my relationship with Christ?

Let me be completely honest and vulnerable right now.  The answer to the above questions when I look deep and search my heart are no.  I don’t truly believe I’m worthy of those things.  Oh, I may have a high self esteem, but that’s not the same.  I know that I’m worthy because of Christ, but do I really BELIEVE it?  No.  If I believed it I would act differently.

Earlier today I watched a video that my Plexus up line posted for our team that got me thinking about this.  In the video Jennifer talked about how our mindset of our worthiness effects our success in every area of our lives.  She made the suggestion of using positive affirmations and reading them out loud to yourself daily.  I was fine with all the suggested affirmations until she got to, “I deserve success.”  My immediate thought was, “That’s ridiculous to say because I don’t deserve it.  I’m not organized enough; I need to work harder; My body isn’t healthy enough; I don’t have the wisdom; etc.”

Here’s the truth.  I didn’t deserve anything on my own, BUT GOD.  God choose me.  He provided a way through Christ so that I am worthy.  Go read Ephesians 1:3-14.  I guess it’s time to add some of those affirmations to my list after all and change my mindset!  Who’s with me?


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