Do I believe I’m worthy of success in my business?  In my family life?  In my marriage?  In my relationship with Christ?

Let me be completely honest and vulnerable right now.  The answer to the above questions when I look deep and search my heart are no.  I don’t truly believe I’m worthy of those things.  Oh, I may have a high self esteem, but that’s not the same.  I know that I’m worthy because of Christ, but do I really BELIEVE it?  No.  If I believed it I would act differently.

Earlier today I watched a video that my Plexus up line posted for our team that got me thinking about this.  In the video Jennifer talked about how our mindset of our worthiness effects our success in every area of our lives.  She made the suggestion of using positive affirmations and reading them out loud to yourself daily.  I was fine with all the suggested affirmations until she got to, “I deserve success.”  My immediate thought was, “That’s ridiculous to say because I don’t deserve it.  I’m not organized enough; I need to work harder; My body isn’t healthy enough; I don’t have the wisdom; etc.”

Here’s the truth.  I didn’t deserve anything on my own, BUT GOD.  God choose me.  He provided a way through Christ so that I am worthy.  Go read Ephesians 1:3-14.  I guess it’s time to add some of those affirmations to my list after all and change my mindset!  Who’s with me?


February Shopping and Meal Plan

It’s that time again for our monthly grocery trip and meal plan!  I have found that going monthly for the bulk of our groceries works really well for our family.  I may have to do a small grocery run in a few weeks for produce and a couple gallons of milk or if we get a hankering for a meal I didn’t prepare for.  🙂   Below you’ll find our meal options and then the list of groceries that I bought.  I hope it helps some of you out in your meal planning!

For breakfasts: scrambled or fried eggs (2 meals worth), breakfast sandwiches (we made 24 of these with egg, bacon or ham, cheese, and English muffins or croissants), oatmeal (4 meals worth), cereal (2 meals worth), fruit and yogurt, or muffins.

For lunches: leftovers from dinner, pb&j, quesadillas, cut up veggies, salads or smoothies.

Dinners: chicken lombardi, chicken tacos, chicken broccoli bake, pasta dish 2x, beef tacos, pizza 2x, chili 4x, chicken marsala, meat loaf, baked potato bar, cowboy grub, hot wings, steak and potatoes, bbq rubbed ribs, burgers, general tso chicken, and chicken pot pie.  For sides we’ll go with veggies and rice or potatoes.  I also bought the stuff to make zucchini bread and chocolate chip cookies for desserts.  Scott makes the best chocolate chip cookies and now that I’ve completed my 30 day sugar free challenge I’m going to eat one or two.  😉

Leave me a comment about what’s in your meal plan this month!






From Schnucks for $97.12

4 x 8pk yogurt $3.98 each

3 x frozen brown rice $1.84 each

2 x cheese filled breadsticks $2.00 each

3 x frozen juice $1.50 each

1 x large back of Chihuahua quesadilla cheese $8.99 (this is our favorite!)

6 x cheese (mix of cheddar jack and mozzarella) $2.50 each

2 x pepperoni $3.50 each

4 x taco seasoning $0.75 each

1 x Chef Boyardee double pizza kit $3.42

2x sirloin steaks $6.34 and $6.54


From Aldi $320.69:

Valentine shaped pasta $1.89

mini sweet peppers $1.79

3 x cucumbers $0.59 each

honey crisp apples $3.69

zucchini $2.49

kiwi $3.69 (box has 6 in it)


Roman hearts $1.99

2 x sliced mushrooms $1.69

3 x bananas $1.35, $0.89, and $0.99

tomatoes $1.69

grapes $1.98

peaches $2.99

2 x yellow onions $0.59

mandarin oranges $3.99

10 lbs potatoes $2.99

carrots $0.99

24 x canned chili beans $0.59 each

2 x milk $2.60 each

4 x muffin mix $1.99 each

shredded wheat cereal $1.99

pie crust $1.49

3 x fruit squeezies $1.89 each

2 x instant oatmeal $1.69 each

black beans $0.59

3 x salad dressing mix $0.49

granola $2.49

3 x canned beans $0.59

mushroom soup $0.69

diced tomatoes and chilis $0.59

strawberry jelly $2.09

grape jelly $1.39

large jar of peanut butter $2.99

6 x butter $2.58 each

garlic $1.59

3 x Cheeze It Zingers (they’re Scott’s favorite)

sugar $1.68

3 x fair trade coffee $3.99

chocolate chips $4.89

sour cream $1.19

cottage cheese $2.29

pickles $1.69

mixed nuts $2.79

brown sugar $1.29

pea crisps $1.39

prunes $3.89

summer sausage $3.79

2 x dried fruit $1.59 each

maple syrup $6.49

round crackers $1.59

1 x ranch dressing (large 36 ounce) $2.79

2 x sandwich bread $0.85 each

4 x eggs $0.84 each

2 x honey wheat bread $1.39 each

1 x deli rolls $1.49

1 x croutons $0.89

1 x kettle chips $1.49

1 x oyster crackers $0.79

2 x croissants $2.49

2 x English muffins $0.99

2 x buffalo wings $5.49

2 x frozen green beans $1.59

3 x frozen chicken breast $5.79

1 x 16″ pepperoni pizza (this and the buffalo wings were our easy meal after grocery shopping) $4.99

2 x general tso frozen chicken $4.99 each

3 x frozen corn $1.69 each

4 x tortillas $1.69 each

1 x thick sliced bacon $5.99

2 x cheese cubes $1.99

1 x breakfast sausage links $2.49

2 x spare ribs $8.06 and $8.10

3 x sausage 1 lb roll $1.99 each

2 x ground beef $10.85 and $11.00 (11 pounds total)

2 x sliced black forest ham $2.99 each

2 x cheese ravioli $3.99 each

3 Weeks Of Meals For $402

I posted a picture on social media of my grocery cart Monday and a few people expressed interest in knowing the meals I am planning and how I meal plan.  Let’s start with the how to section.  

To start off I simply ask our family if there are any meals they would like soon.  This time there was a request for meatloaf and french dip sandwiches.   After the family weighs in on if they have a meal suggestion I look through the local ads to see if there are any good deals.  We do not eat completely organic right now, but we do for the most part eat real food.  For me the front page and back pages are usually all I look at because that is typically where the meat and produce sales are.  This week there weren’t any good ones, so I just planned to do most of my shopping at Aldi with the exception of cheese and coffee and a few things I could get Ibotta credit on.  Ibotta is an app for you phone that gives you cash back.  I’ve made like $28 since using it.  You scan the item and upload your receipt to get the credit.  Once you hit $20.00 you can get a gift card or get the cash sent to your PayPal account.  If you want to try it out and use this link I think I get some kind of bonus or something for referring you https://ibotta.com/r/mmmyoyuare

Now back to planning meals.  Sometimes I will print out a calendar and write meals on that.  Now, ask me how many times we stick to that calendar!  Hardly ever!  I have found it more helpful for our family to have a running list of all the meal options and just decide the night before what we’ll have.  Since I am working my transcription and Plexus businesses more now I have found that crock pot and freezer meals work perfectly for us.  Scott is home full time, so he takes care of breakfasts and lunches and then we have something ready for dinner in the crockpot or to make up quickly.  I will admit I am a bit spoiled. 😉

Another little tip before I get into the meals we’re making with this grocery haul is to look for meat markdowns.  You can always change your meal plan slightly to use them.  Honestly with a real food style meal planning it’s not hard to do on the fly.  Many of our meals are marinated or seasoned meats with veggie sides.  When we lived in Indy I found that Kroger tended to have the best deals on meat markdowns and usually I found more of them on Tuesdays after 9:00 am.  Occasionally I found them at Meijer.  Here in Southeastern Missouri I find that the best ones are at Schnucks in the mornings, but I have yet to find a best day for the most deals.

Moving on.  Let’s talk about what we got today and what meals are on the plan for these items!  Today I spent a total of $402.81 at both stores.  Here is a list of everything I bought.  Take a nice big breath because this is a long list!

At Schnucks:

Chicken drummettes (2 packages)

3 whole fryer chickens

3 pounds of breakfast sausage

6 pounds of Italian sausage

3 pound beef round roast

1 box of beef stock

Reese Puffs cereal (the boys asked for it so sweetly, plus there was an Ibotta discount)

Starbucks and Folgers coffee

Cream of mushroom and garlic soup

Shredded parmesan cheese

6 bags of Sargento cheese (cheddar and mozzarella)

1 package of Sargento provolone slices

Bag of Chihuahua queso cheese (the best for quesadillas!)

5 gallons of water


Pie crusts

2 baby carrots

4 boxes of pasta

1 package of egg noodles

2 hamburger buns

Deli rolls

4 loaves of sandwich bread




Oyster crackers

2 packages of pepperoni

2 muffin mixes

4 dozen eggs

4 bags of frozen corn

3 garlic bread loaves

2 bags of frozen chicken breasts

Halloween sugar cookies

2 pizzas (fresh ones from the deli section, so yummy!)

15 pounds of ground beef

2 packages of cheese ravioli

2 packages of string cheese

Multi colored peppers

Yellow onions

Mini sweet peppers

5 pounds of bananas

Black grapes

Romaine lettuce



10 pounds russet potatoes

Mandarin oranges

2 packs of mushrooms

Green peppers

3 zucchini

Sweet potatoes

2 cans of artichoke hearts

3 packs of Mexican cheese

3 packs of ricotta cheese

24 yogurts

Stuffing mix

2 cans of tomato soup

2 cans of cream of mushroom soup

4 cans of refried beans

2 cans of cherry pie filling

4 packs of burrito tortillas

3 packs of fajita tortillas

3 packs of fruit squeezies

Sour cream

2 packs of bacon

Fruit bowls (similar to canned fruit, but in single servings)

12 cans of chili beans



2 packs of cottage cheese

Chipotle mayo

8 cans of tomato paste

2 sugar free coffee creamers

2 pumpkin spice creamers

1 vanilla caramel creamer

Summer sausage

Olive oil spray

Pumpkin pie filling

2 cans of black beans

Mini marshmallows

3 packs of chocolate chips

Peanut butter

Grape jelly

Fire roasted tomatoes

2 packs of cream cheese

2 garlic herb marinades

1 gallon of milk

2 bottles of ketchup

Strawberry preserves



Phew!  That felt like it took forever to type out.  Now let’s get down to the meals all this food will make.  


Pancakes 4x

Bacon or sausage and eggs 4x

Smoothies 3x (I bought pumpkin to make protein shakes with! Yum!)

Sausage and biscuits 2x

Bagels and cream cheese 2x

Yogurt 5x

Cereal maybe 2x

Muffins 3x


Leftovers, we have this most days.


PB & Js, a ton of them. LOL. We’ll make 3 loaves of bread into them for the freezer.

Freezer burritos, again we’ll make a lot of them.  I think I bought 32 big tortillas.

Summer sausage, crackers, veggies


Hotwings and pizza 2x

Hamburgers and fries 2x

Meatloaf, veggies, and mashed potatoes 3x

Spaghetti with garlic bread and salad 4x

French dip sandwiches and sweet potatoes

Crock pot chicken and veggies 3x

Chili 3x

Sloppy Joes and veggies 2x

Pork chops in mushroom gravy with stuffing and veggies

Tacos 2x

Chicken and dumplins 2x

Chicken casserole

Cheesy chicken and rice


Cherry pie

Chocolate chip cookies

Halloween sugar cookies


Cottage cheese

Cheese sticks



Applesauce squeezie things


I Just Maybe A Pharisee

A few weeks ago our Sunday sermon was about being authentic.  It hit home with me.  I’m just going to be real with you here.  I tend to fall on the side of the religious Pharisee.  I like the rules.  Now, true that doesn’t always mean I follow them or I may get to the same end result my own way, but I like to know what they are.  And when I hit those goals/rules you can bet everyone around me knows just how great I am.  I want to “make it” on my own.  I want to believe that I don’t need help and can do it all on my own.

Here’s how it goes.  I think I’m doing great.  I’ve got this thing down.  Oh, I try to be humble about it, but it’s so hard to be humble when you’re perfect and everyone else is so jacked up.  *Note the sarcasm here.*  Praise the Lord he then gives me a good dose of reality!  It can be a sermon to remind me to check myself or sometimes it’s just life.  Yahweh is so good to me!  He loves me enough to show me that I cannot keep all the rules on my own.  He reminds me that I NEED his one and only son.  He reminds me that this life isn’t meant to be lived alone, but with other believers.  I don’t have it all together and I never will!

So, this post was originally going to be about our family eating nothing but crappy foods lately and how to get back to eating better.  How does that have anything to do with what I just wrote and how did it change?  My best guess is that eating whole foods is an idealist Pharisee thing for me.  I give myself such a hard time and feel like a complete failure as a mother because we’ve had frozen pizzas and donuts.  I hate to admit it, but I look at and treat mamas who feed their families organic/whole foods differently than I do those who don’t.  James 2 talks about showing partiality and how it is a sin.  Ouch!

Now, I definitely want to feed our family more healthfully, but I do not want to become legalistic with it.  There has to be a balance.  I need to get back into the swing of making meal plans, eating good wholesome foods, and yet give myself mercy to say, “Let’s get a pizza.”  How about you?  What do you tend to be a Pharisee about?


So, it’s been about a month since I last posted.  There’s been some amazing break through and changes since then!  The week after I posted I had a horrible week.  My sugar cravings came in something fierce and I caved to them.  Possibly because of that I had 4 or 5 days where I was in so much pain physically I stayed in bed or on the couch as much as possible.  I had a migraine for 3 of those days as well.  After this experience I decided to try a nutrition supplement my friend Marri had been encouraging me to try.

I am so grateful that the LORD placed it on Marri’s heart to share Plexus with me, but I wish it I would have begun taking it back when she first mentioned it to me months ago!  I have been taking it for 3 weeks tomorrow.  It has been helping me tremendously.  I’m not 100%, but I don’t expect that anytime soon.  It took me years to get to this point and it won’t and shouldn’t take only a few weeks to get back.  If you recall back in April I spoke about all the problems I’ve been having and how I was on the hunt for change.  Here’s the list I made up then with some updates in red:

  • I have suffered from depression and anxiety for the past few years, but this year has been the worst.  I have been on an as needed medication for anxiety since Sam was born in March 2015.  The past few months things have gotten worse.  I have had anxiety attacks multiple times a week.  I have not had an anxiety attack since I began the supplement!!  That, my friends, is HUGE.  We’ve had a lot of busy days and issues that would have caused me to have one in the past.  Seriously, this past Monday I blew a tire, couldn’t get it changed, called Scott (who had to borrow a coworker’s car to get to me), had to buy new tires because the steel wall was showing on BOTH front tires, and our van’s break line broke!
  • I have no energy and sleep all the time.  I have had multiple times a week where I go to sleep at 7 or 8 pm and don’t wake up until 8 am or later if it’s a weekend AND still take a nap with Sam.  I can make it until 9 pm now and I don’t take naps most days!  I have had a few days where I’ve taken naps, but it is no longer a required daily occurrence.  I also feel refreshed in the mornings now and not dragging.
  • Then on the opposite end of that I will have horrible insomnia some nights and not go to bed until 3 or 4 am, if at all.  I haven’t had problems with this for the past 2 weeks.  I’ve been making it a point to just go to bed by 10ish.  One thing I have noticed is it’s not taking me as long to fall asleep, which is really nice.
  • I have been forgetting things.  I’m not talking, “Where are my keys?” forgetful.  I would be in a conversation and completely forget a simple word multiple times a day!  I haven’t noticed a change in this yet.  I’m still really forgetful. 
  • I have pain in my muscles and joints, so bad that I have been taking ibuprofen multiple times a week.  Are you ready for this?!?  I HAVEN’T TAKEN PAIN MEDICATION FOR MY JOINTS SINCE MONDAY THE 9TH!!!  It isn’t completely gone, but it is bearable now.  One thing I noticed is I’m now walking up and down the stairs like a normal person and not avoiding them.  Before I would take one step at a time with both feet instead of going from one to the next. 
  • My skin has been doing weird things like crazy painful acne and dark patches.  I haven’t noticed a change in this yet.
  • My ADHD symptoms have been worse than normal.  So much so I have considered going to get prescription medication for it, but I’m stubborn and hate taking it.  I haven’t noticed huge changes in this.  It is better in that I feel like I can focus a bit easier though.
  • I have migraines once or twice a month.  I haven’t had one in over 2 weeks!  WOOHOO!!

So all that to say I’m really excited to continue this journey and see where it takes me!  Your prayers would be appreciated because we have some big changes happening in our lives soon.  Right now we’re not “announcing” them, but I’ll let you know about those changes as they happen.  Thanks for following my journey, everyone!  Please comment and let me know how you’re doing.  Are there natural things that have helped you with the up above problems you’d like to share with me?  I’m all ears!  Until next time, friends.

Here’s To The Journey

20160326_103347The lovely Marri and I at the beach last month.  It’s not fair that she looks this good at 32 weeks pregnant!

Yesterday I was speaking to my good friend Marri about making changes for our health.  She had asked how things are going with me.  Then, we got to talking about how when we’re pregnant and need to make changes for the health of our babies it has come so much easier to us.  An example, when I was pregnant with Sam I was told I was on the cusp of gestational diabetes.  Because of that I seriously gave up everything that had sugar.  When that didn’t help as much as we wanted to see I gave up all pastas and other high glycemic foods.  It came so much easier to me then.  Why?  Was it the idea of  this little being that was completely dependent upon me making good choices for his health sake?  I think so.  It was all about that baby boy.  Why can’t I do that now though?  I still have these amazing little loves depending upon me for their life and making good choices for OUR health.  I just wish I could get that in my brain.  If any of you have the secret to doing so could you help a sista out and spill the beans?

I do feel like I’m making a little progress in the sugar arena.  I used to drink sodas often, coffee with creamer multiple times a day, desserts almost daily, and a lot of white breads and pastas.  So far this week I have eaten mostly whole grains and WAY less sugar.  I did have ice cream twice with the family, but I refuse to limit treats like that to never.  After having celiac and being on such a strict diet for that, and then the LORD healing us I will not do a strict diet, unless medically necessary.  Moderation is my friend.  I also want to do something that I can keep long term and no sugar ever isn’t that.

My ADHD has been a bit worse.  I’m thinking that is probably partly due to the fact that I have been doing horribly at getting to bed at a decent time and I’ve been waking up before 7 a.m. everyday.  I know some of you are like, “Ha!  I wish!”  But for this homeschooling mama that is early.  We are night owls in this family and don’t typically wake up until 8:30 or even 9 a.m. if we don’t have somewhere to be that day.  It’s one of the many perks of homeschooling.  (If you are interested in homeschooling or need a community/support system as a homeschooling parent send me a message and let’s talk!)  I have noticed that when I get more sleep everything else seems to go better.  I have to make this a priority.

And then there’s the fact that maybe I need to be giving myself grace here in this change.  It took me years to dig this hole I’m in, and it may very well take years to build the ladder to climb out.  I don’t like to think about that.  I want to do something tonight and feel my best tomorrow morning.  I don’t want to think about the mistakes I’ll make along this journey.  But you know what?  In the journey I will gain wisdom and grow closer to the LORD.  That is worth it in the end.  In the wise words of Dory, “Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.”  Here’s to the journey!


Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

James 1: 2-4



Change Needs To Happen

Many of you don’t know this because, let’s be real, I hide it from most people.  I don’t like to be looked at as weak.  I like to be the strong one.  But all that being said I’m coming clean.

  • I have suffered from depression and anxiety for the past few years, but this year has been the worst.  I have been on an as needed medication for anxiety since Sam was born in March 2015.  The past few months things have gotten worse.  I have had anxiety attacks multiple times a week.
  • I have no energy and sleep all the time.  I have had multiple times a week where I go to sleep at 7 or 8 pm and don’t wake up until 8 am or later if it’s a weekend AND still take a nap with Sam.
  • Then on the opposite end of that I will have horrible insomnia some nights and not go to bed until 3 or 4 am, if at all.
  • I have been forgetting things.  I’m not talking, “Where are my keys?” forgetful.  I would be in a conversation and completely forget a simple word multiple times a day!
  • I have pain in my muscles and joints, so bad that I have been taking ibuprofen multiple times a week.
  • My skin has been doing weird things like crazy painful acne and dark patches.
  • My ADHD symptoms have been worse than normal.  So much so I have considered going to get prescription medication for it, but I’m stubborn and hate taking it.
  • I have migraines once or twice a month.

Right about now you are probably asking, “Why is she telling me all this?”  Well, surely I cannot be the only one suffering from these problems and I’m beginning the journey to be healthy again.  I want to document it and maybe some of the changes I’m making will help someone else too.  It has been hard, but the Lord has grown me so much in this time and pulled me near to Him.  He has show me grace and love.  He has shown me that it is okay to grieve and miss RHC and our family there.  He has reminded me that He has a plan for our lives and His plan is perfect!  I want others to have that same hope too.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.  For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

-2 Corinthians 12:9-10


Here are a few changes I have made since it was brought to my attention that I probably had adrenal fatigue.

*Cut back on responsibilities.  I set time limits on these because I know myself, and I know I need a goal date or I’ll get back into things too early.

*No more coffee on a regular basis.  This has been the hardest thing!  I used to drink it all day long.  Seriously, I should have been a Gilmore.

*Reading my Bible more.

*Using essential oils.


Since making these changes I have had some good results.  I still have problems with insomnia and going to bed early, but it’s better.  I don’t typically have to take a nap during the day and I can make it until 9 or 10 pm now!  And my anxiety has lessened.  The next change I want to make is another dietary change, cutting back on sugar.

What!?! It’s been 3 years!

Apparently it’s been three years since I’ve posted anything!  Wow, a lot has changed in that time frame.  It was suggested that I start blogging again so here I am.  Now, let’s talk about about what has happened in the past three years.

We moved two times, within the Indianapolis area.  We continued homeschooling.  Scott and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.

10511586_10202235862650475_6526067333534729152_oWe found out we were pregnant a week later, then found it it was a girl, found out at 37 weeks it was actually a boy(!!), and had this precious guy in March of 2015.

DSC_0364 announce2.jpg

After having Sam we moved from Indianapolis back to Missouri, which meant many changes.  There has been a lot to process, especially in the past year, but the LORD is amazing.  He has been here guiding our steps and leading us to exactly where He wants us to be.  This was our family at Sam’s first birthday last month (sweaty boys and all, real life!).



Happy, crazy, full of life, and loving Jesus!  On to our future adventures we go!



Six Weeks of Goals

ImageGoals.  How are you at setting goals for yourself?  I will admit I kind of suck at it.  When I do make goals I set them so high they’re unattainable.  Oh, I think they’re perfect when I make them, but then reality sets in and they never get done.  Usually the reason I don’t hit the mark is because I set too many goals for myself to complete at one time and I don’t pray about them.  I rely on my own strength to make those goals.  Well, it’s time to do it differently.  As I stated in my last post I want to use this blog to become a better homemaker, wife, and mother.  With that being said I’m going to make one goal a week for the next 6 weeks starting on Mondays.

Week 1 starts on 7/29/2013:  Read my bible daily.  This is something I feel is very, very important, and yet I find it hard to achieve.

Week 2 starts on 8/5/2013:  Exercising 15 minutes 6 times a week.

Week 3 starts on 8/12/2013:  Organize our home school area and schedule.

Week 4 starts on 8/19/2013:  Finish a quilt.

Week 5 starts on 8/26/2013:  Start a scripture memory plan with the boys.

Week 6 starts on 9/2/2013:  Decorate the kitchen.

Will you join me for these next six weeks in completing goals? Write a blog post with your goals and leave a comment here with the link so I can come along and encourage you too!

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