Menu Plan for March 18, 2013

I didn’t make a meal plan for last week because it was just Scott and I so in all honesty we went out a lot.  The boys went to my parents house for a week, and then my mother-in-law brought them home on Friday and spent the weekend with us.  It was great to spend time with her.  We don’t get to do it often enough.

This week I am not going to be buying much, if anything, because we did eat out so much last week.  Our fridge is full and I want to keep the spending low.  My normal grocery budget is $125.00 a week for our family of 4 eating local (when possible), organic, real foods.  One thing I’ve noticed from previous meal plans is I am really bad about not making the meals I have for specific days, just call me a rebel. 😉  So, with that being said I am going to just post 7 breakfast ideas, 7 lunch ideas, and 7 dinner ideas.

The following is our meal plan for this week:


Egg in a hole

Bacon and eggs

Smoothies and eggs

Oatmeal (This is a weekend thing. Apparently according to the boys I can’t make it good like Scott does.)

Big breakfast (eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and biscuits)

Homemade poptarts x2


Homemade fish sticks, celery, and tomatoes x2

Leftover Pizza


Fried chicken legs and greenbeans

Nacho bar including guacamole

Rubens and a gratin turnips

Bratwurst, onions, and peppers with rice


Lasagna wraps and salad

Bacon and eggs

What’s on your menu plan for this week?  Do you see something you’d like to try on mine but there isn’t a recipe linked?  Let me know and I’ll get a recipe online for you.  Need ideas?  Check out the other menu plans on of Menu Plan Monday at Organized Junkie.


Meal Plan for March 5, 2013

If you didn’t know yet God healed Eli and I from gluten intolerance last Sunday night!  To read my testimony about it read this post.  So, with that amazing healing we have been eating gluten for a few weeks now.  My grocery budget is now $125.00 a week for our family of 4 eating local, organic, real foods.


The following is our meal plan for this week:

Monday, February 25th

Breakfast – Chocolate chip pancakes

Lunch – Met Daddy for lunch

Dinner – Baked chicken, salad, and cheese sticks.

Tuesday, February 26th

Breakfast – Bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits with orange

Lunch – Potato and broccoli soup

Dinner – Meatloaf, turnips, and salad

Wednesday, February 27th

Breakfast – Eggs and toast

Lunch – TBD

Dinner – Homemade fish sticks, fries, salad

Thursday, February 28th

Breakfast – TBD

Lunch – TBD

Dinner – Chicken tacos

Friday, March 1st

Breakfast – Chocolate chip pancakes

Lunch – PB&J and snap peas

Dinner – Bratwurst and TBD veggie

Saturday, March 2nd

Breakfast – Big breakfast with bacon, eggs, hash browns, and biscuits

Lunch – Leftovers

Dinner – Pizza

What’s on your menu plan for this week?  Do you see something you’d like to try on mine but there isn’t a recipe linked?  Let me know and I’ll get a recipe online for you.

Meal Plan 11/12/2012

We have a new addition to the Kiefer household.  Meet Ollie.  We have no idea what breed she is.  Any suggestions?

Monday – Cheeseburger Mac

Tuesday – Bacon and eggs

Wednesday – Walking Tacos

Thursday – City Group.  We’ll bring potato soup.

Friday – Rubens and fries

Saturday – Leftovers

Sunday – Beef roast and veggies

In addition to Ollie a stomach bug has hit our home this week.  It all started on Monday evening with Joey.  Now I think he’s shared with mommy, but I only have a not happy tummy thus far.  We’re praying it stops with us so that Scott and Eli don’t get it as well!

Because of this reason I made the meal plan super easy this week.  I have a great post to share about a new way we save money eating gluten free in Indy, but that will have to wait for another day.  Hopefully it’ll be this week, but we’ll have to see how this week turns out for our health.

Do you have any natural remedy tips for those of us with an upset stomach or vomiting?  Please share!

Meal Plan 11/5/2012


Meal Plan for 11/5/12

Monday – Roasted chicken

Tuesday – Ham & beans

Wednesday – Turkey burgers and fries

Thursday – City Group.  I am making GF chicken Alfredo.

Friday – Chicken fried steak, broccoli, and mashed potatoes

Saturday – Grilling (no idea what we’ll get yet)

Sunday – Cheeseburger in Paridise – we have a gift card.

We had so much fun last week!  We had friends come over to go trick or treating with us.  We had a firefighter, police officer, dinosaur, cheerleader, raccoon, crazy guy, and a cat.  I was pretty amazed because there were not many houses doing it this year, but we had some yummy chili and fellowship afterwards. We can’t forget eating the candy too!  Eli didn’t get a single non gluten free piece so that made life easier.  Here are some pictures of our boys for your enjoyment.  I forgot to ask about using pictures of the other kids so I won’t post them.


What was your family dressed up as this year?  I would love to see pictures as well!


Let’s be honest here.  Budgets are not lovely, but they are necessary for the average person.  Thanks to the help of an elder from our church we’re now chugging along.  We are trying to get an emergency fund back up (we ended up needing it and now it’s empty again!) and pay off debts so we can eventually buy a house or property.  After going through our entire budget from before we decided to cut some things out and add some others.  The following is our current monthly budget without our tithe amount included.  I feel that is something that is between us, God, and our church elders (because they need it for the church budget).  If you have questions about tithe feel free to ask and I will answer them best I can or find someone that can.

Household (includes rent and utilities): $785.00

Auto (includes car note, insurance, and gas): $670.00

Debts (includes credit cards and medical bills): $175.00

Groceries: $350.00

Entertainment/Out to Eat: $50.00

Health (includes vitamins, toiletries, and co-pays): $100.00

Mad Money: $100.00 ($50.00 each)

Emergency Fund: $50.00

Clothing: $50.00

Total: $2330.00 + Tithe

Anything income over our budgeted amount we will split 50/50.  Half will go to snowballing debts and the other half to our emergency fund.  Currently we have $1,478.84 worth of debt in medical bills, $2,147.42 worth of debt in credit cards, and owe $8,737.66 on our car.  That’s a total of $12,363.56.  It was close to $20,000 two years ago so at least we’re getting there.  Currently the goal is to have the medical and credit card debts completely paid off in two years minimum.  I am going to try to update here monthly.

How are you doing paying off debts?  Are you using any system?  Please link up your post in a comment if you’d like to share!

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