Monday Meal Plan 5/23/2011


We're still using food we bought with our $160 spent last week.  We will no longer be going out of town Wednesday so I'm revamping the meal plan for this week.  I will need to buy a half gallon of milk, bacon, a loaf of bread and some cheese but that's all for this week!  Woohoo! 


Monday – Leftover pizza (I know, healthy!), Turkey sandwiches/cheese sticks, Chicken fajitas

Tuesday – Eggs, Beef steak salad, Pulled pork sandwiches

Wednesday – Pancakes, Italian chicken salad, Chili

Thursday – Eggs, tilapia salad, Pepper lime chicken, rice, and veggie (whatever I have left)

Friday – Pancakes, Salad, Hamburgers

Saturday – Big brunch (eggs, bacon, biscuits, hash browns), Leftovers

Sunday – Out


If you want some more ideas for meals be sure to check out this weeks Monday Meal Plans.



Monday Meal Planning 5/16/2011

Okay.  I know, I know.  I titled this Monday Meal Planning and it's technically Tuesday.  Sorry, I'm not perfect.  I never got around to posting yesterday.  My poor boys have been sick with what I believe is a cold since Sunday.  No, fun.  We thought they were doing better last night but alas today their fever was back. 

I do have some exciting news to share, however.  Scott and I found out we need to pay off/down a few things from the loan officer so we can get a good house loan rate.  We were praying about one of us getting a part time job.  Unfortunately there was no way we could do it soon (like as in the next year) without another job.  Well, as a praise report I got a transcription job!  I'm able to stay home with the kids, work during nap times and/or bedtimes, and make enough within a few months.  I have worked 4 days and made roughly $300.00 toward our goal!  We'll get the loan officer's suggestions and our other debts knocked out in no time!

And another exciting thing……..Eli has an appointment with the orthopedist at Shriners Hospital next Thursday!  It is such a blessing to be chosen by them for help with his legs.  For those who don't know Eli is very in-toed.  He's had it since he was a He seems to be getting worse as he gets older and it was supposed to get better the older he got.  Okay, now with no further interruptions here's this weeks menu:

Tuesday – Pizza

Wednesday – Chicken tacos 

Thursday – Pepper Lime Chicken in the crockpot, mashed potatoes, veggie

Friday – Chicken & Veggie soup

Saturday – Bacon, eggs, biscuits

Sunday – Lemon Garlic Chicken Legs (I got natural/free range chicken legs for under $1/lb!), rice, veggie

Monday – Chili

Tuesday – Fried chicken & Salad

The boys and I will be gone Wednesday to Monday for Eli's doctor appointment.

Monday Meal Planning 5/9/2011

Okay.  So, after last nights post here I am ready to start again.  I'm going to try and be a bit more organized this week with it.  Here it goes…

Monday – Chicken & rice

        PM – Make bread and put out beef roast to thaw.

Tuesday – City Group  We didn't go so we had pizza.

        PM – Put whole chicken in fridge to thaw and start beans

Wednesday – Ham and beans Beef tacos (use beef roast with taco seasoning in the crockpot) – it was WAY to hot outside to have a soup.

Thursday – Rotissouri chicken (in crockpot)

           AM – Put whole chicken in crock pot

Friday – Tacos   Ham & beans

Saturday – Leftovers

Sunday – Out

Epic Fail…

This post is very hard for me to write but I need to be honest.  Our $100 food budget exploded this week.  And it's not what you think.  I didn't even spend it on natural foods!  I've come to realize this challenge is more than just buying $100 in natural foods a week.  This is about overcoming an addiction called crap.  Yep, crap.  You know stuff like Velvetta "cheese", Taco Bell, Dr. Pepper, and the list goes on.  Unfortenatly I can't say I did it this week.  When those temptations came I ran to them instead of running away.  If I would have stuck to our meal ideas we could have done the $100 natural food challenge.  I started to pray and search my heart to see why I'm leading not only myself astray but our family. Am I just being lazy?  Am I fearful of change?  It's so much easier to just run to things that comfort me instead of facing fears head on and running to God.  I think it all boils down to I'm scared of change. 

My spirit wants to give up these food idols and grow closer to God.  My flesh wants to keep things the way they are.  I don't want to have to depend on Him, and I know that's an oxymoron because by just breathing I'm relying on Him!  I didn't say this was the rational side of my brain.  This is something that has to change.  I know God made me to seek comfort but that's supposed to come from the Holy Spirit and not food.  I'm going to try again.  I may fail but I can never reach success if I don't try.  This time one thing will be different though.  This time I'm going to ask for the Father's help.  I'm not going to change myself.  I'm going to let the Holy Spirit do that.  Right now I'm going to run to the cross and ask for forgiveness.  I'm going to recieve it through the blood that Jesus shed for me.  I'm going to get up and move forward knowing I'm made rightous through Him and Him alone.

If you have any encouragment, advice, or scriptures please leave them for me.  They will be much appreciated.

Natural Food Challenge Update & Meals

I'm going to be completely honest here.  This is hard.  On a day when everything seems to be going crazy I can't call Scott on his way home from work and ask him to stop and pick up something for dinner.  I've had to plan things out better.  I don't have a daily meal plan set up but I did make a list of different meals we can eat with what we got.  I like it better than the daily meal plan because it's more flexible.  Here are the meals I plan to make with the food I got in the last post.  Some of these items did use things like spices and baking powder, which I had already.


  1. Pancakes
  2. Eggs
  3. PB Sandwiches
  4. Biscuits & Gravy
  5. Oatmeal


  1. Sandwiches with veggies
  2. Leftovers
  3. Homemade Chicken Nuggets with veggies


  1. Ham & beans
  2. Chicken Fried Rice
  3. Spaghetti
  4. Spaghetti (got enough for 2 meals)
  5. Chicken Fajitas
  6. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, veggie
  7. Pizza
  8. Pasta casserole
  9. Baked Chicken, rice, veggie
  10. Burgers, homemade fries
  11. Chili
  12. Chuck Roast with veggies

We went for our out to eat meal on Sunday to Skyline Chili.  I won't be getting chili next time.  I'm officially not fond of the Cincinnati style chili at all.  Oh, well, live and learn.  They have baked potatoes so next time I'll get that.  I'm sure there will be a next time because Scott and the boys LOVED it.

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